South West Coastal Path 2018 – photos part 2

Here is the second gallery - places  


South West Coastal Path 2018 – photos part 1

I thought I would add a couple of galleries of the photos we took on the walk.  The first one contains photos of the team and the second one which will appear later will be some of the places and things we have seen. First the people -

SWCP Falmouth to Portloe

Today was the biggest mileage, 13.5 but as it turned out we did 14.7. We walked down from our hotel in Falmouth to the quay and bought tickets for the ferry, not as straightforward as we thought but we ended up with an excellent deal. The captain said he would take us all straight over... Continue Reading →

SWCP Helford to Falmouth

Tuesday and we are back in the schedule. It's more difficult to any additional miles today because when we walk into Falmouth we need to get the ferry. If we did then Brian would have a long journey around the estuary to pick us up. Brian dropped us off back at Helston Passage to start... Continue Reading →

SWCP Polcries to Helford

Brian drove us up from Lizard to the car park of the ice cream farm and we restated our trek from there.  The path had been diverted and we had to follow a route around a quarry back to the beach before going back inland through woodland and fields until we reached Porthallow where a... Continue Reading →

SWCP Photos

We have had some WiFi issues where we have been staying so I didn't get photos from our tour photographer, Gareth. Managed to get a gallery together today though so here they are -

SWCP Mullion to Cadgwith

We started Saturday at Mullion Cove which has a beautiful little harbour, with a view of walking to Lizard Point which would be about 7 miles after the extra walked yesterday. The coastline here is really striking and the walk out of the village up the hill gives you the chance of marvellous views- especially... Continue Reading →

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